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Writing of a perfect research paper consumes a lot of time and requires your hard work. You have to go through different writing stages analyzing, making implications and synthesizing your conclusions. What is more, you may simply face the problem of lack of time, and be forced to stay awake all night working on your project. And without doubts struggling over your research work after a long and hard day working and/or studying is just wrong.

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All our writing experts are experienced professionals who have developed their own style and manner. They do not simply cut and paste from the plagiarized sources. Their knowledge and professionalism allows them to write fresh and creative custom research papers from scratch. What is more, we give a 100% guarantee of the originality of your custom paper since before sending it to you every project is scanned with the up-to-date software which detects any cases of plagiarism. Our writers produce exceptionally premium quality work. We have free access to the biggest libraries and databases. Big information reserves and deep knowledge allow us to produce persuasive and well-researched custom papers for you. We also use the services of professional editors and proofreaders in order to remove any possible mistakes and flaws. We live up to our promises, and we promise your success.

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"The Necklace" 

“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant is a well-known short story that draws attention of ordinary readers as well as professional critics by important themes and unexpected ending. Even though the critics are more aware of different literary movements and techniques used by the writers, sometimes the average reader without previous experience of doing literary analysis is more susceptible to the true essence of the story and its meaning for a person. In order to create the general critical analysis of “The Necklace”, two articles by critics were chosen and compared with my perspective on the story. 
The first article evaluating the themes and their meaning in the short story is written by Virginia Brackett. The first aspect of evaluation in the article deals with different techniques that Guy de Maupassant used to make “The Necklace” more emphatic and expressive. Brackett states that the writer adhered to repetition, alliteration, and detailed description in short sentences in order to build “narrative momentum” (Brackett). Even though Brackett focuses more on the literary techniques, I am inclined to support O'Faolain’s opinion regarding the peculiarity that creates the tension of the short story. O'Faolain, the author of another critical evaluation, states that the tension, emphasis, and expressiveness of the story lie in the “realistic portrayal of human relationships and society” (“The Necklace Premium Study Guide” 30). “The Necklace” would have been impressive without unexpected ending that reveals the truth about the nature of the lost piece of jewelry (“The Necklace Premium Study Guide” 30). I strongly support this idea since the relationships described in the work, attitudes of people towards their socio-economic status, dreams, desires, and misdeeds are more significant than literary techniques. Read more...
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