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Non-Plagiarized Essay can offer you a non-plagiarized essay whenever you need it. Every paper that our staff of writers completes is screened through anti-plagiarism software in order to offer you papers that are completely original and reflect your personal style of writing, no matter if you are just in high school or in college or graduate school or are taking a PhD or are even a corporate executive already. Our excellent team of writers makes sure that you only get the best out of their special expertise.

The writing professionals at are completely aware of plagiarism issues and its implications, knowing what harm it could do to the chances of a student. A student’s graduation could even be forfeited due to an essay or paper content that is plagiarized, no matter how small of a part it is. Schools happen to be very strict when it comes to plagiarism, so they will not hesitate in penalizing offenders.

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Citations and Plagiarism

Students tend to get confused by the instructions that their professors give. Sometimes they have to work on an old thesis, but at other times, they have to think up something new. The “buts” confuse students and they end up standing between lines of authenticity and plagiarism because of them.

Copying existing works to pass off as personal work is what plagiarism refers to. If you believe this is merely “idea borrowing”, your efforts could be endangered. Professionals and students alike need to know the problems that could fall into their hands if they choose to copy the work and ideas of others.

To stay away from plagiarism, give credit to sources at all times. Whether your paper is merely a quick analysis or long discourse of selected topics, it should come with correct citations. But it wouldn’t be necessary to cite things that are considered common knowledge. Unique and brand new works and ideas from original studies would need to be given due recognition, though.

If some people were interviewed for the paper, be careful when writing down what they said. Taking out-of-context statements could give you trouble and you might get sued for oversight or negligence. If you want to borrow pictures or illustrations from other people, you will need to attribute them to their proper sources, as well.

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How are sources cited in work, though? You can either mention the source’s name of the idea or word inside the sentence, or make use of endnotes or footnotes. Make use of quotation marks or parenthetical citations for copied phrases, as well.

A non-plagiarized essay from uses strict measures in safeguarding you from any plagiarism accusations. You will also be offered top-quality papers that are perfectly edited and structured in accordance to the requirements of your school. Every order comes with a reasonable price and is delivered right on time on pre-arranged schedules. You can even avail of our discount offers today.

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