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English Essay Writing

Writing an English essay can be a fascinating experience. English essays are unique in the sense that they enable students to express themselves freely. They motivate students to be creative and honest in their conversations with readers. However, you cannot write a good paper without having appropriate academic skills.

If you have difficulty choosing a suitable topic for your English essay or you do not know how to structure your paper, the only thing you may be thinking of is that you would love to have somebody talented to do your writing job. Still, it is always better if you do everything on your own. Follow our recommendations to write a perfect English essay!

  • Spend enough time on preparations!

No matter if it is a take-home English essay assignment or you need to write your paper in class, you should be ready to do it professionally. If you want to know how to write an English essay, first consider the tips and recommendations provided by your professor. You must follow all instructions precisely. Otherwise, you will never earn a good grade. At the same time, if you know what topics your teacher is going to give you in class, gather some background information not to be confused or lost in the process of writing. As you are working on the draft of your paper, you can also look at how other professional writers have coped with your task. That is, run through the sample essays available online. You will see how you can easily produce a quality English essay on any topic.

  • Create a prompt

It is not uncommon for professors to provide students with the research questions they need to answer in their essays. These are the prompts you should expand upon in your English paper. It gives you a clue as to what should be covered in your paper. It also guides your efforts, as you are gathering background information. Do not be in a hurry and gather as much information as you can.

  • Explore and expand your vocabulary

Remember that this is an English essay. Therefore, beyond following the basic English essay format, your task is to use rich vocabulary and complex linguistic and syntactic structures. Impress your professor. Convince him or her that you have mastered the intricacies of the English language!

  • Do what you know you can do brilliantly!

If you are not certain about using complex linguistic structures, better avoid using them at all. If you feel more confident using shorter sentences and simpler words, do it. This way, you will minimize the risks of mistakes. Do not use redundant sentences. Your professor will hardly like reading your paper, if it is full of unnecessary information.

  • Follow proper essay structure

If you want to be sure that your paper is logical and well structured, it is always great to create a comprehensive English essay outline. Remember that even the most experienced writers will never produce an outstanding English paper, if they do not know how to structure their thoughts and present them in a logical flow. Do not forget about the importance of facts and evidence. They will strengthen your argument.

  • Avoid subjectivity!

If you happen to read through English 101 essays, you will see that many of them sound too subjective. Your task is to reduce subjectivity and rely on evidence and facts. Use external sources to support your argument and conclusions. Consider opposing positions and opinions. Provide justification as to why you support one or another aspect of the story.

  • Edit and proofread!

The worst thing you can do in English essay writing is submitting your paper for grading without editing and proofreading it. Make sure that the paper you have written does not contain any mistakes. Otherwise, your chances to earn the highest grade will be close to zero.

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