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Essay body paragraphs

While professional essay creation requires a lot of expertise from a writer, skill alone is not always enough, for the writer needs to understand the structure of an essay as well. Generally, the structure of an essay doesn't change; it begins with an introduction, then the main body and finally, a conclusion. The essay structure is essential for the writer to come up with a well founded argument about their topic.

To construct a well-written and well-structured essay, bear in mind the following:

Remember to use essay body paragraphs correctly. This means that each main idea in your essay will require its own paragraph. For example, if you have four main ideas in your essay, then you will need four essay body paragraphs in the body of the text. Therefore, it's a good idea to write down the main ideas you will cover beforehand, in sentence form.

Essay Body Paragraphs

Essay body paragraphs also have their own structure, which must be followed every time.

  • Write down your main ideas as a sentence. For example, if "reduces traffic congestion" is the main idea, begin with a sentence like "Public transport can reduce traffic congestion".
  • You should have supporting arguments for your main idea - write these down, leaving a few lines between each point.
  • Now, in the gaps between each supporting point, elaborate the reasons for making that point. This means you need to describe or explain the point you are making in more detail.

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Supporting point: Many people are appreciative of the savings that can be made from using public transport as opposed to driving their cars

Elaboration: If you drive less, your car will require less maintenance work, for example tire changes. Less driving time also means you use less gasoline as well, and the savings that can be made often amount to significantly more than public transportation costs.

  • You can choose to end each paragraph with a summary, although this is rarely done as these sentences often sound quite stilted; therefore, they should be used sparingly and with caution.

Each of the essay body paragraphs should focus on just one idea in support of your thesis, and should begin with a 'topic sentence' that explains the general idea of the paragraph. To make your arguments more convincing, use examples and give as many details as possible.

The organization of the essay body paragraphs in your essay is also quite important. Make sure each one begins with a topic sentence and is supported by two or three specific points you have made.

Also, bear in mind that each topic you cover in your essay must have a clear relationship to the statement of your thesis; you do not want to 'wander off' and disrupt your essay's unity.

To ensure you maintain the unity of your essay, make sure that each of the supporting details you provide has a clear relation to the paragraph's topic sentence.

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