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Essay on respect

Essays can be of different types. Persuasive essays, argumentative essays, admission essays are some of the common type of essays. Essay topic often defines the scope of the essay. If you are asked to submit an essay on respect then you will have to explain this abstract feeling through your essay. We often hear words like self-respect, respect for culture or society; however it can be extremely difficult to explain 'respect' in words. Writing an essay on respect isn't going to be easy. You can creatively use examples to put across your points to the readers.

You can start your essay on respect by putting forth your views on the topic. You could try explaining the term respect in your own words. Secondly, you can probably provide realistic examples of how people and countries should maintain respect. Globalization has brought countries closer.

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People have started globe-trotting for business and pleasure. In such situations, it becomes crucial for one to understand the culture and the social norms of different countries. They need to respect these social norms and adhere to them. Respect can be towards your country, your culture, your society or some person. The degree of respect may vary from person to person. You can include these examples in your essay on respect.

The dot com boom has changed the way we communicate. Letters are things of past and emails have become the most common way of communication. Following email etiquettes shows that you respect the recipient of the email. You must therefore make conscious efforts to avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical and sentence construction errors. In your essay on respect, you can also include examples of people who are probably not fortunate enough to receive special education yet they use dictionaries to communicate clearly with people. The act of referring to dictionaries to get the right words shows that the communicator respects the language and the recipient. They do not want to give any wrong ideas to the recipient and hence they go an extra mile to communicate effectively. Please remember you cannot demand respect, you need to earn it.

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