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Essay plan

Essay writing is an integral part of academic life

There are different types of essays that students need to write as they advance in their academic career. Students often wonder how to draft a well structured and well developed essay on the topic provided by the professor. Most importantly they need to adhere to the instructions provided by their professors. The key to writing qualitative essays is to draft an essay plan. An essay plan provides skeletal structure to your essay. It is much more than just a draft or rough copy of your essay. It helps you to organize your thoughts and present them logically.

Essay plan can be compared to a foundation of any building. If the foundation is strong, the building can be built with ease. Qualitative and strong buildings are based on strong foundations. Similarly strong essay plan contributes to qualitative and well-researched essays.

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Before you start writing an essay plan you must start making a list of interesting topics related to your essay course. For example your subject is finance and trade then you can draft an essay on origin of finance and trade or impact of recession on finance and trade, or impact of globalization on trade finance. Once you have selected a topic, you must start collating strong arguments in favor of your topic. Extensive research is a crucial part of your essay plan. You must cite references appropriately. When you cite references, your readers are aware that you have researched in depth about the topic. It also adds to your credibility as a writer.

You can kick start your research from your college library. Libraries are a treasure house of organized and authentic information. Once you have gathered sufficient information from books and papers, you can move on to the internet. Be extra careful when you refer to online resources because the information is not organized. You will spend lot of time organizing the ad-hoc info that you found from online portals. You must also verify the authenticity of the site that you are referring to. You can also buy custom written essays from various online companies to serve you as a model paper or you can simply have a look at our free samples. These free samples also include resources that guide you on drafting top of the line essay plan. Just writing an essay is not enough. You will have to format it for a professional look.

There are different types of essay formats like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago etc. you should be aware of the nuances of formatting or your teacher may deduct your marks for in appropriate formatting. It is best to get your essays reviewed by your peers or family. This will help you in correcting and editing your essay. It is important to proofread your essays before you submit it for peer review. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can spoil your image in eyes of your teachers. Your essay should have a logical flow and the transition from one paragraph to other must be seamless. Practicing essay writing on regular basis will help you in mastering the art of essay writing.

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