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Essay structure

An essay is a structured document that is drafted with an aim of answering an essay question

There are different types of essays like persuasive essays, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, admission essays etc. Each of these essays follows a particular essay structure. Essay structure is one of the most vital elements of the essay. As the name suggests, essay structure provides a skeletal structure to the essay.

It is important to understand that essay speaks about your opinions and views on a particular subject. An essay structure will help you to understand different aspects of the subject. It generally suggests a new view on the subject. This view may be historical, political, philosophical or literary in nature. Objective of essay writing is to develop creative and analytical skills of an individual. An essay structure guides the writer to put across their thoughts in a logical manner. It defines the scope and the flow of the essay. It teaches the writer how to formulate ideas based on a central theme and how to present them in a convincing manner.

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An essay structure on the whole contains the problem statement or the thesis. It also contains evaluation of the problem statement with a view to provide solutions to the problem. Lastly it contains the summary or the conclusion of the essay. Summary may have the writer's views and findings on the subject.

Essay structure may differ based on specifications of the particular topic. Some essays may contain use of statistical tools to explain the findings of a particular research. Such essays are more scientific or analytical in nature. Irrespective of the type of essay, one needs to provide logical arguments that are backed by evidences. Evidence consists of thesis, arguments and conclusions. Thesis is ideally the situation that you want to portray whereas arguments are used to validate the thesis and conclusion is used to summarize and support thesis.

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