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“Is the Universe a Simulation?” by Edward Frenkel 

“Is the Universe a Simulation?” by Edward Frenkel reviews the role of mathematics in the understanding of the universe. The author supposes that mathematics is the way to prove that the universe has been simulated. As “Is the Universe a Simulation?” is logically written, all the assumptions are well supported, and the text style is effective, Frenkel’s article is considered a high-quality work. 
The thesis of the article is that mathematical entities, theorems and math in general are the keys to the understanding of the universe. The author had intent to discuss the question whether mathematics was a science reflecting the reality or it was only a game of human mind that reminded of playing chess. Frenkel applies Bulgakov’s “maxim manuscripts don’t burn” to mathematics. He argues that if Pythagoras or his work had never existed, the same Pythagorean theorem would be discovered eventually. Therefore, it can be argued that mathematics is timeless and reflects the universe. Hence, from Platonists’ point of view, mathematics is a form of objective reality of its own, which cannot be created or changed, but only perceived and described. Frenkel also argues that there is a possibility that the world, as people know it today, is a computer simulation, created by the computer programmers of the future. From this point of view, when people discover a new mathematical truth, they simply discover aspects of the code used by the programmer. Frenkel writes that Nick Bostrom, the Oxford philosopher, claimed that people were more likely to be in such a simulation than not. In their recent paper, the physicists Silas R. Beane, Martin J. Savage and Zohreh Davoudi outlined a possible method to detect that the world is in true a computer simulation. Their computer simulation had distinctive anomalies. These certain kinds of asymmetries remind of the ones that exist in the universe such as cosmic rays. However, the universe as a simulation is still a hypothesis, and cannot be proved yet. Nevertheless, Frenkel argues that mathematics will definitely serve as the key to the understanding of the universe. Read more...

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