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Free Ethical Sustainability in Juggling Work Essay Sample

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Trying to volunteer in charity activities, having books to read and having extended responsibilities can be tiring in most can as well be inconveniencing and tends to strain the individual concerned. This is challenging and requires that a good strategy is drawn. Work conflict is an issue of concern in such instances and the thing that can alleviate this include: balancing work and life, flexibility with respect to hours, team work and ethical work practices that encourage reporting unusual behavior.

To deal with constraints posed by the location of the wok site for example, where one is required to drive for hours an arrangement of changing the arrival time and leaving time of office. Or create shift schedule with colleagues in the working office such that, an individual covers part of the work at particular time then the other in different time.

Compressed work weeks can be arranged to settle the time factor inconveniences, where a particular task is done within a limited time schedule in a week such that the time required to accomplish is not is actually reduced. Telecommuting is also an important aspect to be employed in the volunteering work of community tasks. This employs aspect of doing tasks in other convenient place other than the designated office. With the advent of the internet work can be done anywhere, and follow ups made in an easy way. Job sharing with colleagues can also be employed to reduce the constraints experience in the task to be accomplished

In essence work balancing has its own benefits to the individual, reduced stress in the work place helps boosts the morale of employees. Other family affairs can be attended to in a balanced work schedule. New performance measures can be implemented. Greater focus can be put in the meeting of the set objectives and measuring the results obtained against the expectations can allow individual to enjoy work and life balance. This can be helpful in extending the charity work in the community and more objectives in life are easily achieved.

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