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Research paper bibliography

Academic research documents should always include a bibliography section where the writer identifies all pertinent resources used to write the document or research report. There is usually no set number of research paper bibliographies contained in an academic research document. These documents may contain a few sources, or scores of sources. The number of resources contained in a research paper bibliography should be consistent with the amount of information in the paper, no fewer than five resources is usually advisable.

The number of resources required is entirely up to the professor who has assigned the project

The format for writing a research paper bibliography should always contain the name of the source publication, date, the author (s), publisher of the publication, and the referenced page numbers. Acceptable bibliography sources are inclusive of books, websites, magazines, journals, books, and periodicals. The professor assigning the project may identify other bibliography sources.

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The formats utilized for document bibliographies are specific, and include MLA which requires the writer to identify the surname of the author, first name, publication name, pages sourced, date of publication, and publisher. Formats are frequently altered to cater to specified references. The format utilized to reference a book will differ from the way a magazine would be referenced. Professors will identify the format students should employ, and there should be no deviations.

Writers must comprehend the importance properly referencing a bibliography in their research papers. In general, professors require students to use sources that have been cited in the specific subject assignment. It is imperative that all entries in the bibliography are specifically connected to a subject in the report the writer utilized in the source.

First-hand utilization is very important, and research paper bibliographies entries are restricted as a result. There are instances where a writer has incorporated other documents or resources incorrectly into his or her paper. This mistake can occur when the writer uses a thesis as a source, and copies the reference from the thesis bibliography in his or her research paper. To avoid this error writers should only reference first hand sources.

Research paper footnotes are not the same as research paper bibliographies. Footnotes for a research paper frequently contain sources nearly identical to a bibliography. The difference in research paper footnotes function is to clarify a specific point that the writer identified for an analysis project. Footnotes used in a research paper should specifically identify sources that are also identified in the report bibliography.

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