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Professors fail a significant number of student research papers because they failed to cite sources correctly. One of the most critical components of writing college research papers is the proper citation or credit for information contained in research reports or papers. If a source, is not properly cited in the composition of a research paper the writer is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarizing another writer's work is taking credit for text without giving credit to the author. The proper use of research citation is critical when submitting an academic report or paper.

Bibliography and in-text cite are examples of correct citation formats that must be included in research papers and academic reports. All references cited in research assignment must be identified in the bibliography. College professors check for the proper use of citations diligently. In-text citation is formatted with the surname of the author (s) and the date the publication was initially published. Contingent on the style, in-text citation may also identify the page number where the citation is referenced. Research papers that cite sources with the proper format will earn a better evaluation than research papers without the correct citation.

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The information utilized to reference material is essentially the same only the format changes. When quoting a writer whose name is Nancy Jones, using Harvard Style for referencing, you would format the name of the author (s) by writing Jones said or Jones stated and place the quote in quotation marks. APA style for referencing, the quoted text would precede the name of the author (s). Citation styles will format the name of the author (s) and the information cited differently. Other citation styles include differences in identifying the page numbers of cited text. There are numerous stylebooks and websites that identify exactly how to cite sources and write bibliography.

The proper citation of an academic paper is essential and a necessary component of a well-written assignment. Confidence is key in the documentation of research resources, and websites like can make the difference between great grades or failing. Websites that offer writers advice for grammar and style are great values, and real time savers, consider subscribing now!

It is not difficult to adhere to specified citing formats but, it is a very time intensive task. As deadlines for submitting research papers approach, being able to rely on a resource that is accurate, dependable, and accessible is invaluable. Rely on professionals to provide you with the assurance that your paper will be properly referenced with the correct citation format us today. We are proficient and knowledgeable. Let us know if we can provide you with sample research papers, thesis or samples of essays for your reference. These samples are available for middle, high school, and at the University level.

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