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Research paper notes

Research papers are one of the most crucial academic writing assignments because they demand tremendous efforts and investments in terms of time. One needs to research extensively on the subject allotted to them and then organize the researched material and draft a research outline in logical manner. When one starts researching on a particular topic, they need to make research paper notes. These notes are used when one starts drafting research paper. Research paper notes are therefore very important part of research paper writing process.

It is important to make research paper notes because research paper drafting may take several days to complete. If you fail to make research paper notes, you may forget or miss the information that you had read initially. You may therefore draft a half baked research paper or you will need to revisit your reference sources to run through the information. In either case you will lose out on precious time. You must always make detailed and precise research paper notes. Just scribbling few points is not going to help you.

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Research paper notes are different from the notes that you jot down during your lectures

During the class, objective of taking down the notes is to capture central theme and main points. Often the notes reflect the language used by your teachers; whereas research paper notes may be a quotation or an anecdote or any other incident. When you make notes for your research paper, you will also need to include the reference source for the information. You must mention the name of the author, the name of the book and page number where the information can be found. This helps the student in referring to the book at later stage.

Mostly students make notes for their research papers in notebooks or articles or documents that they are referring to. It is best that you store your research notes electronically. Electronic copies are easier to store and secondly you can back up the information in several places. Most importantly, you don't need to worry even if you lose the hard copy of research notes because the information exists electronically.

Every individual has their own style of taking notes. One cannot decide which is method is right or wrong. However students must learn how to draft the notes. Sometimes you may want to refer to an entire page for research. In such cases, it does not make sense making note of the whole page. You can just make note of the book, page number and author's name so that you can refer to it at a later stage. Mastering the art of research notes will help you in drafting your research paper effectively.

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