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Research paper section

A typical research paper has a minimum of 9 essential parts

However, it may have additional sections depending on the requirements and the advice of your instructor. It is necessary that you acquaint yourself with the research of others and try to make comparisons with the ideas which you intend to put across.

Title Page

This is the cover page of your paper and its where your name, title of your research and the name of the institution which you are affiliated to is indicated. Some more additional information may be included if prescribed by your instructor.


The introduction section introduces the readers of your research to the background of the research and the reasons why you chose to write on the problem and the solutions which you will have to offer. It is at this point that the purpose of the research paper is summarized.

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Literature Review

It is at this point that relevant research and other previous work is indicated. The work done by different authors is described briefly. The materials which are indicated should be obtained from highly rated and credible sources which include peer reviewed journals, books and other reliable sources. All the content presented at this level should be related to the research paper. The names of the past research, its authors and the year of publications should be indicated here.


The methods used to accomplish the research are indicated. Among these methods the are experiments, mathematical/statistical calculations and also a comparison of existing literature.

Data Analysis

The data which is obtained from the operations done at the methodology state is analyzed at this stage. The type of data analysis will be dependent on the research paper which is to be written. Among the data analysis methods include strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis. It is an important method which is used in data analysis procedures.


This is a section of the research paper where the actual results obtained from the methodology that you have chosen.


At the discussion section of your paper, you will deal with the results which have been obtained from the research paper. The implications and the possible improvements which can be adopted to develop the research further are indicated. It is at this level that you are required to present the essence or the importance of your research paper and how it may contribute to the developments of the concerned field.


Ensure that you state the conclusion of your research. Your general thesis should be restated. Other parts such as the methodology, data analysis and much more should be stated very briefly.

Reference Page

This is the section where you list all the references that have been used in your research. Among the references styles which can be used include APA, Harvard, MLA and Chicago, among many others.

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