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Research paper summary

Research paper summary is a comprehensive and brief abstract of stated texts in a research paper

It is a shorter version of the research paper. It highlights the main points of an exhaustive research paper. The main objective is to inform audience or readers the gist in a brief period of time.

A research paper summary begins with a lead. It includes title, profile of the author, academic discipline and key points of the text. The structure of a research paper summary has a well defined structure. It is paraphrased using new words. Quotations embedded in the original text of the research paper are avoided. It is neither a retelling nor it has a dramatic structure. It is written in present tense. It may be historic present. Research paper summary is written in indirect speech. Depictions are not allowed.

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Writing and presenting a research paper summary has several advantages. The researcher gets an opportunity to revise the entire research paper. Editing and proof reading take place spontaneously. The teacher who reads the research paper summary may advise certain revisions and modifications to make the research paper more effective and impressive. Journals and periodicals prefer to publish such summary or abstract independently or as a prologue to a research paper. The reader and audience know beforehand the key points raised and solved in the research paper. This gives them impetus to read the entire research paper afterwards.

Research paper summary may be required to be presented in written form as a hard copy. Many a times, such summary is prepared for audio presentation where the researcher reads out the summary before a selected audience. This, sometimes, is followed by question and answer session. These days audio-visual presentation is being preferred. The research paper summary is composed in a power point presentation. This has an added advantage of presenting key graphs and tables before the audience. Such PP presentation may also be linked to the actual source and information. Such needs seldom arise. However, this adds confidence in the speaker and he is ready for any attack on the reliability and factuality of the research paper.

The actual research work is very tiresome and painstaking. It takes months of researching and accumulating of information and data followed by patient sittings to write as per the research paper rubric provided by the teacher, the sponsoring institute or organization. It becomes quite difficult for a researcher to sit again and write a comprehensive summary. At this point of time, he frantically searches for a bona fide online research paper summary writing service that could assist him to ease the additional workload.

Online custom writing service of has a separate wing of highly qualified and experienced professional who are quite proficient in writing a research paper summary provided the details are provided to them. All you have to do is to visit our portal and fill in the order form. You shall have to attach a copy of your research paper together with the specified payment. In the order form, you should also indicate the format in which you need your summary paper. You may need a hard copy in a particular font and font size with title page. You should indicate your entire requirement in the order form along with the expected time of delivery. Completed research paper summary shall be uploaded on your email address within the stipulated deadline.

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