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Terms and Conditions of using kiffe-me

General Terms of Providing Custom Writing Services

Writology Limited provides custom writing services to the clients worldwide, irrespective of order instructions and deadline. Every customer may choose a specific type of product in the “Order Now” form:

Custom Writing

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Research proposals
  • Coursework
  • Dissertations
  • Etc.


  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Revision
  • Formatting

Level of Writing

Every client decides on the level of writing, depending on the institutional affiliation:

  • High school
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • PhD.

A client may ask to replace the order type on his/her request and our Financial Department will recalculate an order price.

Price Quote

Prior to placing an order, every client may request a price quote from our Customer Support Team. Depending on the customer’s specifications, our agents will identify an order price and will assist in placing an order (if requested).

Importance of Communication

A client is suggested to communicate with members of our team through the following means of communication:

  1. Live chat option.
  2. Email.
  3. Phone calls.
  4. Messaging system.

It is highly important to provide all clarifications on time, reply to the Writer’s messages/emails from Support Team to make sure that the final product is up to the required standards and expectations. A client should provide all order materials while placing the order (no later than 10-15% of the deadline passed). 

Work Process Overview 

By purchasing orders on our website, a client agrees to receive the order within such work process:

  1. Customer places the order, indicates all instructions and specifications, and pays for it. A client may request a “preferred writer” to complete his/her order.
  2. Writer starts working on the order.
  3. Customer may request process updates and communicate with the writer regarding order instructions and possible adjustments. A client may be asked to place an additional order, if our Writing Department identifies a mismatch in the order price (wrong level of order, number of pages, etc.).
  4. The order is checked for plagiarism, edited, and sent to the customer.
  5. Customer may request a plagiarism report from our Customer Support Team. We guarantee plagiarism-free papers on any topic.

Order Urgency

A client may choose the most appropriate order urgency, starting from 3 hours up to 2 months. For more details, please refer to the “Order now” page. If the client expects early delivery (decides to change order urgency), an order price will be recalculated and compensation order should be placed. Writology Limited delivers all papers on time and within the indicated time frame.

Submitting a Refund Application 

Refunds are available for up to 14 days after a deadline expires. Where plagiarism complaints are concerned, there are no time limits. Customers should, however, submit a valid report to prove the plagiarism is the writer’s fault.

Note: Some plagiarism checking systems deemed reliable are Turnitin and its partner sites (WriteCheck and iThenticate). Cases that are not considered plagiarism are correctly cited quotes, some parts of an assignment itself (e.g., its questions), referenced material and ToC (table of contents). However, other systems (e.g., are not considered credible since their reports usually draw attention to referenced material and direct quotations as plagiarized text. Neither can hand-written notes be accepted as proof of plagiarism.       

  1. Instances of plagiarism found in the customer’s own part of a continuation order cannot be attributed to Writology Limited. It is only those sections that our writers create are analyzed for originality.
  2. If a customer is not satisfied with an order, the matter will be examined by our Refunds Team and a report provided. Where claims are valid, we will offer a full or partial refund. Customers can expect a response within three to four (business) days.


  1. We offer revisions (free-of-charge) for up to 48 hours (2 days) of a deadline expiring. An additional compensatory order will need to be placed beyond this period. A further refund cannot be provided if our writer agrees to undertake any requested revisions for free.
  2. In the case of bulkier assignments, e.g., those that total 20 pages or more, free revisions are provided for up to thirty (30) days after the deadline expires.
  3. Free revisions cannot be provided where original instructions are altered. Where essential materials are not provided until the writing is in progress or until after it has been done, an additional compensatory order will likely be required.
  4. In opting for a free-of-charge revision, the customer should specify a new deadline and submit their revision instructions. Owing to the complexity of some instructions or if we are unable to reassign a particular order, revisions can take up to one day (24 hours). However, we will make every possible effort to ensure the revised order is returned to you by the agreed deadline.
  5. We advise customers to watch out for possible communications from our writing staff or administrators, which will be sent by email or to the customer’s profile page on our website. It sometimes happens that customers do not attach/upload important materials when submitting their order. It is, however, the responsibility of the customer to provide us with explicit instructions and all essential materials at the outset or upon request.
  6. If the client wants to have more time for a free revision, it is possible to choose "Extended Revision" option while making the order. This option costs only 30% of the order price, and it extends a timeframe for a free revision from 48 hours to 14 days. It is important that revision request should comply with original instructions with no changes. If the customer does not need any revision with "Extended Revision" option enabled, the extra 30% fee is not refunded.

A Full Refund

  1. Full (100%) refunds are offered if a customer is double-charged or erroneously places a duplicate order. If this happens, the customer should our customer services team immediately and cancel their order.
  2. Full (100%) refunds are offered if we fail to find you a writer.
  3.  If we issue a full refund, you should not use any materials or papers already provided by Writology Limited in relation to that order.

A Partial Refund

  1. Customers may apply for a partial refund if they selected an incorrect number of pages when ordering. The partial refund will be based on the correct number of words.
  2.  We may reduce the refund amount by an appropriate percentage where the customer chooses the incorrect writing level.
  3. Writology Limited may choose to recalculate the percentage amount of the refund in cases where a customer provides conflicting instructions, e.g., if the information on the order form conflicts with any materials the customer attaches.
  4. Cancellation: 

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

NB: Orders cannot be cancelled when the original deadline has 30% left and Writology Limited has assigned a writer to that order. Additionally, it is not possible for us to accept cancellation when a writer has completed an assignment and uploaded it.

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification

  1. Where verification of an order is late - e.g., if there is a delay on the part of a customer in responding to requests for proof of identification from our Finance representatives to prevent fraud – the deadline starts as soon as the relevant proof is received. Customers can either request a deadline extension due to late response or, if the paper is urgent, submit an additional order.

Word Count Issues

  1. We do not count pages visually, but by the word count per page (number of words per page is 300). For assignments of a technical nature, however, where a lot of calculations are required, this rule does not apply. The price of the order will be calculated on the complexity of the assignment.
  2. Presentation assignments (PowerPoint). We apply a charge for speaker notes, which customers can select when placing an order. These notes comprise of between 100 and 150 words per slide.
  3. We calculate online tests according to the amount of questions (with each page comprised of 5 questions). “Multiple choice” assignments are subject to the exact same rule. Hence, if a customer has an assignment of 15 questions, they should place an order for three pages. 


  1. It will be necessary to compensate for assignments that need to be delivered early. In these cases, Writology Limited calculates the cost of the order and may ask that an additional order is placed. If the writer who works for us agrees to deliver an order early without extra compensation, we cannot issue a refund at a future date.
  2. If an order is late being delivered without prior agreement with the customer or without an extension being agreed, Writology Limited may offer at least a partial refund. The price difference will be calculated again according to the prices published on our website.

Order Type

  1. Customers are encouraged to select the correct type of order when using our website. For example, remember to choose “Essay” rather than “Test” if you want an essay. Refunds cannot be granted when payment for a particular service has not been received.
  2. Our writers will reword or paraphrase a text provided by the customer in the case of orders for “Rewriting.” If extra research is required or a customer wants sources to be changed or a new section added, a compensatory order should be placed because these extra services are similar to writing from scratch.
  3. Each customer is encouraged to check their email and profile page regularly in case our writers or administrators have sent them messages. We really appreciate prompt responses from customers, especially if we need them to approve a topic our writers have chosen.


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