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An essay composed by a professional working with a professional writing service as per the requirements of an essay requester is known as a custom written essay. There are tons of custom writing services composing written essays primarily via internet on number of topics and subjects in a greater number of styles. These written essays are charged per page that varies as per the requirements and complexity of the requester.

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An essay can be best described as a brief description of expression of one’s ideas, thoughts, opinions, observations and analyses. Therefore before getting started for a written essay one may wish to lay down all the objects, the stance and the requirements he/she wants in the written essay. For instance for any topics or subject the requester may request the writing professional to sit in first place and present the written essay from his perspective on the topic and the given situation. In addition to it he can also give his own inputs in the customization of the essay. In that way he will have the confidence in what he’s going to present as he himself has been part in the preparation of written essay.

The requesters should also at once inform the professional of the writing service that they need the written essay to be in accordance with their academic level and the one they are much more familiar with. Moreover they should also understand the basic difference between an essay and research paper. While the former is an expression of an individual’s own thoughts, expressions and ideas, the latter emphasizes on the research on a particular topic or field in a more organized manner. Written essays may include research references but it primarily is a creation of one’s own ideas

Therefore once needs to be extremely careful and specific whenever opting and ordering written essays as it sometimes may turn out to be highly unspecific and unexpected. The writing services prepare a collection of the requester’s specifications and all the information of the topic in addition to his/her writing style and desired academic level. It is the requester’s job to provide the writing service with the particulars he wants in written essay like the specifications in his/her discipline. Hence in this way the writing service will be well equipped and informed with the needs of their client and come out with the best results for both fronts.

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